Spider-hunting Scorpion

A Spider-hunting Scorpion on a rock

What does it look like? The Spider-hunting Scorpion is pale yellowish-brown to greyish-brown, with small pedipalps and dark brown tail tip and aculeus (stinger). The legs are yellowish, occasionally with indistinct spotting.

Where does it live? Widespread mainly in inland areas of southern Australia, but also along the southern and western coast, from central western WA to north-western Vic and western NSW.

What are it’s habitat and habits? The Spider-hunting Scorpion, or Spiral Burrow Scorpion, is found in drier areas, where it shelters during the day in the burrows of the burrowing spiders which it specialises in hunting, and emerges on warmer nights to hunt. The venom causes localised pain in humans, accompanied by swelling.

Scientific Name: Isometroides vescus

Size: TL 55mm